CME E-quotes™


General Charts

  • Consistent user interface with multiple methods of interaction, including icons, drop-down menus and keyboard shortcuts.
  •  "Workspace" metaphor with multiple tabbed workspaces divided into one or more internal frames. Frames can be pulled into external windows.
  • Multiple monitor support.
  • “Mobile Desktop” allows users to save a copy of their desktop and to log in from another location and retrieve the exact desktop that they saved. Work from home or the office using the same screen layouts and configuration.
  • Infinitely configurable colors, layouts and font sizes.
  • “Themes” functionality allows user to easily create a unified color scheme throughout all the screens of the application.
  • Templates for multiple frame workspaces, trading workspaces, and chart-link workspaces.
  • Context sensitive month selection. Type a contract, and the valid month/year pairs appear in a window. Contract selection system allows search by category, exchange, description and symbol. Simply click on the symbol to enter it.
  • Contract details shows exchange, contract value, minimum tick size and value, open/close time and margin requirements.


  • Create charts on futures, options and spreads (both ratio and arithmetic)
  • 39 Technical Indicators with programmable parameters (more coming)
  • 15 different drawing tools such as trendlines, channels and fibonacci retracement
  • Text annotation
  • Tick, intraday, daily weekly and monthly time resolutions
  • Bar, Line, Area and Candlestick and Point & Figure chart types
  • Pan & Zoom both the price and time scales
  • Tabular Data with export to Excel
  • Information Box with Time Interval, Session, Indicator and P&L
  • Customizable cursors and informational tooltip
  • Export to graphics file
  • Set default colors and display properties
  • Globally modify colors and properties for charts
  • Print charts on paper

Quotes Monitor

  • Customizable:
    • Create multiple tabs
    • Insert titles and blank rows
    • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Export to Excel file
  • Live Quote Link to Excel spreadsheet (DDE)
  • Launch Charts or Option chains
  • Contract Details
  • Print out quote pages
  • Price Alarms
  • Synthetic and Arithmetic Spreads

Quote Board

  • "Thermometer" display shows which contracts are trading near their highs or lows at a glance.
  • Customizable:
    • Create multiple tabs within a frame
    • Arrange columns and rows with drag and drop
    • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Launch Charts or Option chains
  • Contract Details
  • Print out quote boards
  • Synthetic and Arithmetic Spreads

Fixed Format Quote Pages

  • Streaming or Snapshot modes
  • Launch Charts, Option chains or market depth windows by right-clicking
  • Contract Details
  • Print out quote pages

Snapshot Quotes

  • Customizable:
    • Select columns to display and arrange with drag and drop
    • Set colors font size and display properties
  • Refresh Button
  • Launch Chart

Scrolling Ticker

  • Symbol, Last, Net Change and Net Change %, each at any font size
  • Compact Data View option
  • Customizable colors

Market Depth

  • Best bid and best offer float at the top of the display
  • Customizable
    • Select columns to display
    • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Configurable pause freezes the display when mousing over configurable regions of the display
  • Optional display of cumulative bid/ask columns

Price Ladder

  • Prices organized in a static column
  • Customizable
    • Select columns to display
    • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Real-time display of position, average price and profit/loss
  • Optional display of cumulative bid/ask columns

Time & Sales

  • Streaming real-time
  • Vertical or horizontal display of output
  • Color-coded price search
  • Color-coded high and low
  • Double click a price highlights all other trades at that price
  • Timeframe adjusts automatically based on the opening time of the contract when it is entered.
  • Launch Charts
  • Print out Time & Sales

Option Chain Monitor

  • Displays futures contract as well as all strikes vertically, with both calls and puts arranged horizontally
  • Customizable:
    • Configure futures and options columns
    • Set columns fixed or scrollable
    • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Display and real-time calculation of “Greeks”
  • Options Calculator based on Black-Scholes formula allows custom calculation of theoretical value, implied volatility, etc.
  • Full support for options charting
  • Monetary value of calls, puts and straddles
  • Contract Details
  • Print out options pages
  • Enter orders by clicking on last, bid or ask

Options All Months Screen

  • Displays the all options in all months. Views include lasts, net changes, bids and asks, highs and lows for a given contract. So, in a single table you can see all the calls and puts for all months for any contract.

Real-time News

  • Dow Jones news feeds
  • Set colors, font size and display properties
  • Configurable categories
  • Custom search terms and categories
  • Custom news searches are saved and organized in a separate tab for each search so you don't need to re-enter them when you log back in
  • Print out news stories


  • Provides streaming price information for Eurodollar Pack and Bundle trades
    directly from the exchange
  • View Globex Eurodollar spread logs on the same E-px page that previously only
    had pit-traded data
  • Added benefit of real-time quotes and charts

Contract Lookup

  • Popup windows show valid month/year pairs anywhere a contract is entered, as it is entered
  • Contract lookup screen organizes contracts alphabetically by description or symbol, by category (Currencies, Financial, Energy, etc), or by exchange
  • Only valid month/year pairs are enabled for a particular contract
  • Calendar “Strip” selection to input all months of an instrument in one easy step


  • Audio and custom text message notification options
  • Alarms on futures, options and indices

Block Trade Window

  • Real time block data
  • Filter by quantity
  • Filter by product