CME E-quotes™

Packages & Pricing

    Basic EditionQuotes for futures tradersAdvanced EditionCharts and analytics futures tradersProfessional EditionCharts, analytics and Greeks for the options traderWirelessQuotes and Charts for your mobile device
  Features $31.05Per Month
$139.73Per Month
$170.78Per Month
$67.28Per Month
QuotesReal-time data for all CME Group marketsadd-onadd-onadd-onadd-on
10 Min. delayed quotes for all CME Group markets
Quote Pages Screen
Spread Quotes
Packs & Bundles Screen 
Depth of Market Screen 
Time & Sales Screen 
Block Trade Window 
Snapshot Quote Screen  
Scrolling Ticker Screen  
Quote Board Screen  
Price Ladder Screen  
ChartsStreaming Charts 
Volume Charts 
Constant Tick Charts 
Continuation Charts 
Overlay Charts 
Price Change Charts  
OptionsOptions Chain Screen
All Months Options Screen  
Advanced Options Screen including Greeks  
New & Misc FunctionalityReal-time News Screen 
Export and Live Link to Excel Spreadsheet (DDE) 
Price and Time Alarms
Display Workspace on several monitors 
QST Weather Maps